Saturday, September 19, 2009

All Bulbs for sale.

Pm me for more info, Avail in Crystal White, Crystal Gold, and lapis blue,

HIR(newtechnology Bulbs) available.

All products made in Korea.

Contact me with the bulb size u need for more info.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

LED Blinker IC/Module

YES, its that simple. Just connect it to ur LED 3rd brake lamp and it blinks. Easy installation. Helps u stand out on the roads and also to prevent accidents.

It makes other road users more aware of you braking.

Much cheaper than buying a separate light as a safety measure.


High Powered T10 LED

Super bright T10 LEDs.

Available in four colours ( Orange out of stock )

Comes with heat sink to prevent melting.

Perfect as for reverse lights replacement and also for pole lights.

Diff colours for use in your own imagination.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More products

For more products please head to

LED Off road lamps, HID sets, light bulbs and battery chargers available.

Starters and alternators are available too.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

L.E.D Strobe lights. (BLINKER)

These are basically blinker LEDs. Best used for signal/decorative use. It is basically 6 LEDS( 3 aside ). Uses a T10 wedge.
Comes in four colours as well. White,blue,amber,red.

L.E.D Strips

Flexible Led Strips to increase the Aesthetic appeal of your ride. 43 by 1cm makes it extremely thin and its easy to place anywhere, eg( Front grill, back grill, undercarriage for the neon look, doors).

The Strips are weatherproof. I have tested it by placing them under my carriage for a few months. Took it out for checks and everything is working fine except its a little dirty.

The Strips are also cut-able and extentable for maximum flexibility to fit ur ride.

LED comes in four colours - red,blue,white(out of stock) and amber.

Prices are 35$ each, products made in Korea. Pls Contact Jeff at or sms me at 97231138. Will give better price if orders are in bulk.

Front grill

Amber - Signal lights.

Red LED - Brake lights.

Led strips, Lights off.

Further more, the strips dosent use much power. White is especially good as work lights in cars/vans.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

L.E.D Strips on Door Application

Blue Strips are used here. Super bright.

Bulbs upclose.